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The path

A Memoir of Discovered Faith

This is the story of the grandson of Jewish immigrants who came through Ellis Island in pursuit of the American Dream. After a childhood during which he felt there was a decided absence of purpose and explanation for our life on Earth, the author has spent a lifetime seeking, and finding, answers to three basic questions: “Where did I come from, Why am I here, and Where will I go when I die.”

There was no single momentous instant of realization but rather a lifetime of continuous discovery of faith in a loving Heavenly Father, a savior in Jesus Christ, and a beloved companion in the Holy Ghost, as he progressed along the Path of discovery. All along this path there were people and opportunities strategically placed so as to allow this discovery of faith to occur and to constantly be strengthened.

Written as a memoir of developing faith, it is not an autobiography or life story but rather a compilation of these meetings and experiences that allowed this man to fully embrace the tenets of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.

Growing up in and around the city of Chicago in predominantly Jewish neighborhoods, Don’s anecdotal stories reveal the truth behind how “a nice Jewish boy became a Mormon bishop.” It was compiled as a testimony for his children, grandchildren, and future generations as to how his family came to be members of this faith.

The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first of many steps. This is the story of those countless steps along the path.


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