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The healer

Sequel to the Advocate

The Healer.jpg
In this demanded sequel to The Advocate, former attorney and retired military officer Jackson Lee returns to continue his mission as an earthbound advocate. Having survived his own near death in the prequel Another Last Day he continues working with a host of heavenly beings who mentor him in an ever-expanding role on the meaning of Heaven’s Plan, and the various ways we all transition from this life to the next. Jackson is permitted to recruit someone with whom he can partner to change medical outcomes and to assist an even greater number of people both on Earth and in Heaven. With appearances from historical figures who have passed on but return to lend their assistance as necessary, Jackson experiences multiple life-and-death situations as he continues to find answers to questions relating to his own mortality, and the existence of Heaven, all the while making life better for those around him. This collection of Jackson's experiences is equally thought-provoking and entertaining, while also faith promoting and heartwarming.


"You can't go wrong with 'The Right Combination!' This book is an excellent resource for business information and strategies that can take your sales to the next level!"

Jim & David Berwick, Partners, Berwick Insurance Group

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