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Blast of trumpets

Quotes for a Lifetime

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"Make your own Bible. Select and collect all the words and sentences that in all your readings have been to you like the blast of a trumpet."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson
In this collection of quotes, author Don Levin shares those words that have resonated throughout his life, serving to inspire and motivate both he and those with whom he has shared these words.

     The origins of this book can be traced back to June of 1994 when all five children were still a part of our nuclear family. The dinner table was the cornerstone of our family, as we often waited to have dinner later in the evening if that was what allowed all of us to gather around it. The years have passed, and it is now just the two of us, along with four legged friends Barnes and Noble.  Eighteen grandchildren come and go, gracing the confines of Grandma and Grandpa’s house with their presence, now in the dubious position of having a lot of this same wisdom being shared with them.

     Over the years I have been a somewhat prolific writer both in the Army and at work as white papers, position papers, decision papers, magazine articles, newsletters, leadership notes, conference addresses, workshops, seminars, and webinars flowed from my pen and printer. It was early in this time that I completed my first novel, and the writing bug clearly infected me. I had found my creative outlet. To date, there are eleven books that bear my name on the shelf, and several more in different stages of completion. While I always appreciate the complimentary phone calls, voice mails, e-mails, texts, and even Facebook or Good Book posts, I must confess that I really do write for my own enjoyment. The fact that what I put to paper pleases other people is just icing on the cake!  


     A common theme to all of these books is the format in which each chapter has had a quote or thought that ideally sets the tone for the upcoming chapter. As you can well imagine, this has led to quite a collection of quotes being assembled especially when added to all of the inspirational quotes that have adorned the aforementioned professional writings, promotional posters and flyers, as well as handwritten notes that I have shared over the intervening years. 


     These words have served to inspire me, comfort me, and motivate me. Some of these quotes are from ordinary people, others world renowned in their fame or fortune. In any event, they were all visionaries, dreamers, and purveyors of hope. Leaders, teachers, mentors, coaches, and faithful disciples from all walks of life. Some were literary giants who have been read for hundreds of years, others merely people who have crossed my path and said something that resonated. In any event, I have felt uplifted and directed by these words often spoken under the direst of circumstances as evidenced by the strength of their convictions, demonstrated character, and always with vision and passion as companions.


     No doubt about it, this book is a self-indulgence, but hopefully one that family and friends will want to turn to when they too have a speaking assignment at church, a writing to be completed for work or school, or simply because they may hear something that resonates with them. Perhaps they will hear something that forces a memory to percolate itself to the surface of their subconscious and a vague recollection of childhood or our friendship will burst into the air around them like a sky rocket on the Fourth of July as they associate some of these words with something they heard uttered by me.


     Many of these words have been in my life since I was a young boy and a voracious reader; some of them had a very profound impact on me, and truly colored the lens of the camera thru which I thereafter viewed life. Now I am approaching another one of those pesky “milestone” birthdays that are supposed to make us pause and strike a retrospective pose. As I engage in this activity, it occurs to me just how important these words remain to me and how much I hope they will resonate with all those who read them as part of this collection.


     I am also hopeful that as I enter another act in the play of my own life, that those who read them will know that these very words define who I am and all that I have strived to be in all facets of my own mortal journey.                  

We formatted this book so as to make it easy to read but also for you to write in and hopefully add your own favorite quotes under each section’s heading. If you have one to share with me, don’t hesitate – I would love to hear from you.






listen to the "music"

Read through these pages and listen to the "music" that has inspired and motivated.



"You can't go wrong with 'The Right Combination!' This book is an excellent resource for business information and strategies that can take your sales to the next level!"

Jim & David Berwick, Partners, Berwick Insurance Group

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